Safeway Pharmacy Near Me

Safeway way pharmacies are located within a Safeway store although not every Safeway outlet has a pharmacy. You have to remember that when looking for a pharmacy.

There are two important questions to ask when visiting a Safeway to refill your prescriptions. The first question is does the Safeway store has a pharmacy department? The second question is – Is the pharmacy open? These two questions will decide the success of your trip.

People generally shop at the nearest store which is convenient and great for emergencies. That means you are looking for a Safeway pharmacy that is close to your location and is currently open.

Safeway Pharmacy Near Me Map

You can use the map below, which is faster and easier. The locations of Safeway pharmacies are highlighted on the map. You just need to navigate to your position on the map and chose a Safeway pharmacy near you.

The map will be more efficient if you turn on the location services on your phone. Click on the Safeway Pharmacy of your choice to see more information. You will be provided with the contact information (including contact number, address and website), all the services/departments available at that Safeway and the working hours of each department.

Safeway Logo

You can also visit the their website and use the store locator to find a nearby Safeway store. Click the store tab and enter the required information (your city and/or zip code) as prompted. Then you can check for if the list for a store that has a pharmacy department.

Pharmacy Hours

Safeway Pharmacy hours are different from Safeway store hours. The pharmacy working hours are usually shorter. Most Safeway stores are open from morning to night or evening on weekdays, but the hours may be shorter during the weekends and some stores may even be closed on one or both weekend days.   

Monday9 AM - 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM - 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM - 9 PM
Thursday9 AM - 9 PM
Friday9 AM - 9 PM
Saturday9 AM - 7 PM
Sunday10 PM - 4 PM

Safeway pharmacies offer both on-site and online pharmacy services with a dedicated mobile app. Visit the app store of your device (Google play store for android device, and apple store for iOs) to download the Safeway app. Safeway pharmacies also feature discount prices and promo. You can visit the official website and navigate to the pharmacy section to check the available services and manage your prescriptions.       

Safeway pharmacy is a division of Safeway, which is currently a subsidiary of Albertsons. The Safeway supermarket chain was founded by a Martin Barton Skaggs in 1915. The headquarters is located in Pleasanton, California.  The store operates mainly in the central and western parts of the United States, with some presence the eastern seaboard. Safeway stores have many departments including stores, bakery, photo center, fuel, liquor, delicatessen, floral and the subject of our interest pharmacy.