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Kaiser Pharmacy currently operate in the district of Columbia and 8 states including Washington, Georgia, Maryland, Oregon, California, Colorado, Virginia and Hawaii. California is their main stronghold.

You can use the map below to quickly find a nearby Kaiser Pharmacy. The locations of all Kaiser pharmacies are highlighted on the map. All you have to do is navigate to find the one near you.

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For more information on the Kaiser Pharmacy of your choice, click on its highlighted position on the map. On the enlarged map, you will be provide with contact information (such as address, phone number and website), the department/services available at the particular Kaiser Pharmacy and the working hours. Please turn on the location services on your device for a better experience. 

Kaiser Pharmacy Near Me Map

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You can also use the website to find a Kaiser pharmacy near you. Open the website kaiserpermanente.org and click on the “Find doctors & Locations” tab. Then enter the required information, as prompted on the next page. The require information includes your zip code, city.

Kaiser Pharmacies are only open from morning to afternoon or early evening at the latest. Those are weekday hours, the weekend hours are shorter. Some Kaiser Pharmacy offices don’t open on weekends, while some only open for one day during the weekend. Office hours may also differ for each location. 

Kaiser building

Kaiser Pharmacy considers preventive care as the best option. The professionals at the Kaiser pharmacy offer consultation and extensive professional advice to help you establish a life care plan. They offer life coaching programs, literature and classes to help you manage health conditions and disease. The Kaiser pharmacy can also help you figure out the right treatment option, for example, whether you should rely only on meditation and the type of meditation, or to rely only on therapy, other available options or consider combining treatment methods. They also offer help with travel plans. This allows you to make health-conscious travel plans.

Kaiser Pharmacy makes use of prepaid health plans. The health plans ranges from individual to family and employer health plans. The group also feature charity health plans and government subsidized health plans such as Medicaid and Medicare. As at December 2018, Kaiser Pharmacy’s health plans had over 12.2 million subscribers. You can visit the official website kaiserpermanente.org for more information. You can register for their services on the Kaiser Pharmacy website.

Kaiser Pharmacy (or Kaiser Permanente) is an integrated manage care consortium. It is an association of three independent but inter-related caregiving organizations. The first and head organization is the KFHP (Kaiser Foundation Health Plan). Then we have the regional operating subsidiaries, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the regional Permanente Medical Groups. The KFHP is a non-profit that finances the Permanente Medical Groups, although the Permanente Medical Groups function as independent for-profit entities. The Kaiser pharmacy was established in 1945 by physician Sydney Garfield and industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, who the group is named after.