Kroger Pharmacy Near Me

Kroger pharmacies are usually located within their supermarkets, although not every Kroger supermarket contains a pharmacy. Most Kroger outlets contain among others a supermarket/store, gas, bakery, deli pharmacy and/or medical clinic.

Most Kroger outlets are not open for 24 hours every day. They are open from morning to evening or night, during the week and the opening hours are usually shorter on weekends. They may even be closed on a weekend. These are just store hours and pharmacy hours are usually shorter. In other words, Kroger pharmacy hours may differ for each location. You need to be conversant with pharmacy hours to ensure that you visit at the right time. That is the aim of this article, to help you locate a Kroger pharmacy anywhere you are and show you if it is open.          

You can visit and click the store locator. Then you can fill the required information to find a nearby store.

Kroger Pharmacy Near Me Map

You can also use the map below to quickly locate a nearby Kroger pharmacy.

The locations of Kroger pharmacies are highlighted on the map.

You only need to navigate to your location and select the nearest Kroger pharmacy. Click on the selected Kroger to view more information about the outlet. These include contact details (contact number, address and website), the services available at that particular Kroger and the opening hours of each department. Please note the map’s performance will improve if you switch on the location services on your device. Here is the map right under this.

Kroger Pharmacy Store

Kroger pharmacy offer both online and on site. Their online platform is one of the best out there. It includes a mobile app. Kroger online services allow you to shop for groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep. It also allows you to manage your Kroger pharmacy prescriptions on the website and on the mobile app.

You can download the Kroger mobile app from your device’s app store (apple store for iPhone and Google play store for android). Kroger pharmacy’s online services are extensive with the option to add and manage other people’s prescriptions. This allows you to monitor your loved ones’ prescriptions and refill it on their behalf.

Kroger pharmacy online service also allows you to auto-refill your prescriptions. This is a great option for busy people. I advise you to plan the auto-refill for before the prescription runs out. You may also plan all or most of your prescriptions and your loves ones’ prescriptions to auto-refill at the same time, for convenience. These options are great and they make you realize why people use the Kroger pharmacy.

Many people are unaware that Kroger pharmacy has the same parent company as Starbucks. The parent company, Kroger (or Kroger Co.) was created in 1883, in Cincinnati, Ohio by a man called Bernard Kroger.

Kroger is the second largest US company today and the largest supermarket Chain, when decided by revenue. Most of Kroger’s growth and revenue can be attributed to diversity (Kroger has many departments) but the pharmacy department is no slouch either. Kroger pharmacies offer a lot of discount prices and free basic prescriptions. You don’t have to register for the membership plan before you can benefit from these. According to the CEO of Kroger Co., Columbus Division, Bruce Macaulay, they are thanking customers for their patronage by helping them cut cost.